Google My Business Reviews for Sale

Since Google no longer acknowledge reviews from Yelp and other third-party review sites, the importance of having Google business reviews rose significantly. It became even more important when Google introduced Google+ and Google Places. This is because Google my local business reviews would not only improve the reputation of businesses online but also affect their rankings on SERPS. In fact, local businesses ranking #1 on their keywords have 33% more business reviews on Google compared to other competitors on same page.

Google Places reviews, which customers could leave on businesses’ Google+ pages, are more important than any reviews from other sites, like Yelp, YellowPages, CitySearch and Trip Advisor. Having Google business review will generate more clicks from users. In fact, 80% of users are more likely to choose a business they see 5 gold stars besides a Google listing. Those gold stars really catch ones attention!

Also, reviews written by Google users would automatically be shared to their friends, community or people that are within their circle. This will not only Google Places optimization but also provide extra visibility to a business. This extra visibility would also mean increasing the number of potential customers.

So, having Google reviews is definitely a wise thing.

But the problem is how to get reviews?

Google reviews are crucial to reputation and ranking but most users don’t leave reviews. They don’t leave reviews because of various reasons like having no time to leave reviews or not having a Google account.

Surely, businesses would have no time to beg for reviews.

What is the solution?

Solution: get Reviews That Stick’s Google Places optimization services. With our help, we can put reviews on your Google My Business listings that would help businesses acquire better reputation and better rankings on Google. Our reviews are guaranteed to stick so businesses would not be able to lose the benefits of having reviews on their listings. Order reviews now.