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Yelp is the largest source for online reviews. Thirty-fourth among the most visited website in the US (according to Alexa), Yelp has 70 million visitors each month and has accumulated over 40 million Yelp business reviews. This staggering amount of visitors and reviews makes Yelp very important to businesses.

Yelp is a powerful entity the reviews and ratings heavily affect them when it comes to making decisions. According to research, 90% of Yelp users are easily affected by the positive reviews they see on Yelp. Also 93% of users that conduct research on Yelp make purchases on the businesses that they look up. Most of all, small businesses that take advantage of Yelp would enjoy an $8,000 increase in their annual revenue, thus making it possible for them to enjoy increased growth and further expand their business. Knowing these facts, it is important for businesses to consider Yelp reputation management and get Yelp reviews.

There are two ways how businesses can easily increase the count of their reviews. One: Encourage customers to leave a review. Two: buy Yelp reviews or seek out a Yelp review service. Looking forward to buy reviews on Yelp is actually good thing to do for it would not only increase the business’ review count on Yelp but also improve its rating.

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